Understand how Buser increased application conversion rates by 67% using amplitude.

Amplitude and Product Minds have been working 2 years with Buser, boosting their funny results through simple and quick view of the results of the experiments on digital channels.

"Amplitude and Product Minds have greatly helped democratize the Data-Driven culture beyond Tech teams. Before we were very dependent on developers, today anyone can get into the amplitude and take off the desired insight." Gustavo Loureiro, Buser's main product manager.

Buser is the leading platform in collaborative charter and marketplace for those looking for new ways to travel by bus through an affordable, human and amazing experience. In operation since 2017, Buser has transported more than 2 million travelers out there. The company that up to 2020 had about 40 employees, today has over 500 people.

Gustavo Loureiro, current main product Manager, followed the evolution of the product area and the use of amplitude in the company and shared some of the experience with us. Before becoming PPM, Gustavo was one of the developers who helped implement the platform before the current position was still Product Manager. He is responsible for going through the company's product teams, encouraging and conducting Growth projects, seeking to improve the Buser application and website.

Birth of Growth and Product Analytics culture

Before using amplitude, Buser was a company that used some tools to try to bring more analysis to the product area. Google Analytics was used to view journeys on digital channels, but these are very dynamic and URL -based view limited much of the analysis. In addition, Metabase and SQL were a support for insight views in the app, but it was not possible to visualize funnels, and few people understood the complexity of these tools, which pushed the teams away from the analysis.

By 2020, in order to create a strong Growth and Product Analytics culture, Buser was looking for a platform that could centralize data simply. Due to the indication of one of the senior developers, the fact that it is initially a free platform and the low implementation complexity, it was chosen to install the amplitude.

"The first time I entered the platform I didn't know the interface, clicked on the funnel chart, chose the events and set up the event sequence. I set up a home funnel until the purchase, I didn't know anything from the tool and 5 seconds later I was looking at the funnel. It was a moment of epiphany. "

The ease of use of the software has unlocked new views for Buser teams, the platform was not restricted to the area that initially adopted. Virtually all product teams use the tool in everyday life, there are Squads that base 99% of their work in the tool. Growt and marketing teams use amplitude cohorts as a public Lookalike in ad tools and to make channel analysis very simply. It has become easy for the MKT industry to create an event segmentation chart, filter through cities and see if the campaigns created are resulting in. Amplitude climbed the entire business structure:

"I love to see the CEO entering the amplitude and creating a graph from time to time, to see that we understand the value of the tool."

Growing with Product Minds

With increasing use in the various teams, Buser had to expand the plane of amplitude. In this context, the company knew it would need to detach from financial resources to continue with a powerful platform of Analytics, Growth amplitude was the choice. Product Minds entered the commercial process as an official representative of amplitude in Brazil and brought the confidence and clarity necessary for the hiring.

"It is always better to speak frankly in Portuguese than an English service from someone who doesn't care about our reality."

With the new hiring, Buser unlocked more than 10 graphs, several new features that facilitated data integration and visualization. In addition, the partnership with Product Minds includes a personalized customer success service throughout the contract, containing help with the taxonomy of events, training and on demand availability for questions and demands.

"The best benefit when buying Growth amplitude was the Product Minds team, you could see that they were all thinking of growing up with us. The training was essential for our team to have more confidence on the platform."

Unlocked analyzes with the amplitude

Through event segmentation analysis, the areas of MKT and Growth unlocked the power to understand how the impact of their acquisition strategies impact the result on the application. Beta of new features, campaign and data table reports, launched in 2022 due to amplitude related to the integration of marketing and product areas are already being used within these areas.

The product area has a very strong culture of recurring tests in search of continuous improvements in the user experience. With the amplitude, it is possible to do A/B tests all week, using the funnel chart, the test variants become characteristics of the user and thus it is evident which of the two options has best performed. These funnels are made with various types of clippings, facilitating the understanding of the user behavior. In addition, the various journey features such as Parthfinder, User Paths, and User Journeys help decision making in the changes made on digital channels. The A/B tests metrified by the amplitude more than doubled the conversion in the main buying funnels.

"Journeys are excellent for understanding which journeys the user travels in the application, complements the funnel analysis well."

Successful partnership

The Product Minds and Buser partnership lasts more than a year. The way Customer Success is available all the time to perform training and help with any demand, makes a difference in the process of becoming Product-LED.

"The thing that pleases me most in the work of Product Minds is to make the bridge between amplitude and the Buser humanly and always of readiness. that we are not alone. "

It is amazing to see the results achieved with the partnership in 2 years:

"All Growth change is being measured in amplitude, without the tool, we would not know whether the changes would be working or not. We estimated that using the platform, we had an increase of about 67% of the conversion a year. , that thanks to amplitude and product minds, we had clarity of change in the product that led to at least one hundred million reais for Buser. "

Amplitude is the Global Product Analytics platform, which has the great dream democratize access to data. Gustavo makes an analogy that represents well what the amplitude means:

"Amplitude is to go from the lowest point to the highest point, in the world of games we have a phrase that is very suitable for amplitude" Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master. " We have an ocean of opportunities to explore along with Product Minds. "

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