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Our team helps you establish your digital vision by creating, maintaining and executing tailored-suited strategies and martech stacks designed to drive growth.

Digital Strategy

A powerful, data-driven, customer-centric strategy allows companies to align and inspire teams, launch the right digital initiatives, and build the capabilities, processes, and mindsets necessary to sustain a digital advantage.



We help you define your Product-Led Growth (PLG) Strategy to bring new and existing customers into your product to experience its value and drive acquisition, conversion, retention and revenue. We work on understanding the user journey and define the triggers, channels, messaging and personalization needed.

  • User Journey Mapping
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Personalization Workflows
  • Campaign Orchestration
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Successful Martech implementations require thoughtfulness and guidance at each stage of the journey. We help organizations stay thoughtful and strategic while realizing tangible outcomes like data democratization, higher LTV, improved retention, stronger loyalty, and greater ROI.

  • Stack Audit
  • Integration Assessment
  • User Data Blueprint
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Product Analytics

We immerse ourselves in your organization's culture to help you define your key product metrics and understand the data and the organization’s needs, from which we'll define the initiatives that drive your organization's growth. The objective is to establish a data-oriented culture in your organization, based on the definition of metrics that will guide data-based decision-making.

  • Organization clarity and alignment
  • Product impact and progress
  • Accountable to outcomes
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We help you define an experimentation strategy by giving you best practices for experiment design. Start with the customer problem, outline supporting insights, and document your hypothesis.

  • Design better tests
  • Roll out smarter, not harder
  • Learn beyond statistical significance
  • Make bigger bets that drive growth
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Growth Marketing

We execute your growth strategies. We create customer lifecycle journeys, audit and optimize campaigns, and evaluate lifecycle marketing success.

Optimize Onboarding

Optimize Onboarding

We personalize onboarding journeys using the power of cross-channel messaging to boost engagement and drive action.

  • 3X longer customer retention
  • 80% of brands execute multi-channels campaigns
  • 94% higher customer LTV
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Increase Engagement

We craft timely, relevant experiences that motivate customers to stay engaged. We build personalized campaigns to drive more purchases with gamification and data-driven A/B testing.

  • 7.2X more likely to purchase
  • 67% of brand exceed revenue goals
  • 64% more purchases per customer
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Reduce Churn

We leverage technology to hold onto the customers you've already won. We build cross-channel customer journeys with smart testing and optimization.

  • 58% increase in 30-day retention
  • 48% of marketing budget focus on retention
  • 76% longer user LTV
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Improve Acquisition

We grab attention and engage customers with targeted messaging and referral programs that work.

  • 26% of global consumers have tried new brands
  • 62% increase in mobile acquisition
  • 10X more likely to purchase if mobile acquisition
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Trabalhar com a Product Minds tem sido um complemento bem forte a ferramenta do Amplitude em si. Acessíveis sempre pelo Slack, e pelos canais que precisarmos, são de extrema prontidão em nos ajudar. Trazem também uma equipe diversa, pra poderem atender todos os tipos de demanda que trazemos a eles

Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis
Gustavo Loureiro dos Reis
Growth Product Manager

Data and Analytics

We help brands organize and implement their martech stack, get data out of silos and adopt a data-driven mindset.

Data Foundation

Data Foundation

Good data is the foundation for any digital transformation initiative, and its strength comes from the accuracy, comprehensiveness and periodicity of data management. Without the right data, even the best analytics tool in the world can be meaningless.

  • Define North Star Metric and Input Metrics
  • Data Taxonomy Design
  • Data Collection Instrumentation
  • Data Governance Best Practices
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Audience Segmentation

Strategic planning & implementation guidance to rapidly activate business-critical audiences in your product.

  • Activated Audiences
  • Strategic Clarity
  • Teams Aligned & Enabled
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Product Analytics

We proactively analyze how users engage with your products and build insights and hypotheses to improve your main goals and metrics. We get deep in your data to find the behaviours that lead to high retention in order to feed product teams with information to make better decisions.

  • Behavioral insights generation
  • Goals and KPIs monitoring
  • Retention & Engagement analyses
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We believe in continuous experimentation, but guided by data and process. We help organizations to improve their main KPIs by rapid experimentation.

  • Higher LTV
  • Improved retention
  • Stronger loyalty
  • Greater ROI
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