How Crehana uses Amplitude to optimize the product strategy and user retention

Product: Amplitude Growth & Experiment

Use Case: User retention

Industry: EdTech

Region: Latinoamerica

Crehana is a global learning and talent development platform that helps organizations and individuals reach their full professional potential by offering a wide-ranging catalog of online courses.

Testing hypotheses with Amplitude

Nowadays, retention has become one of the main indicator metrics for the success of companies: the better the experience within a platform, the more likely users are to buy again. Or in the case of Crehana: renew their memberships.

One of the core business questions they needed to answer was how students were using the platform and how they could get them to complete courses and consume new ones. They already knew that usage was directly connected to retention, so their focus was on encouraging students to finish classes and continue their learning.

Academias arose in response to this need: a section within Crehana where instead of individual courses, students could choose longer and more complete sets of courses and learning paths.

The hypothesis was that users would be more motivated to finish the classes if they had more than one course on a subject and a complete curriculum, with which they could get more out of their memberships, to ultimately make them want to renew their subscriptions.

But did Academias help them finish more classes?

From minute zero they used Amplitude to monitor the results of the Academias, and to corroborate their theory they created an event segmentation graph where they compared the percentage of users enrolled in Academies who finished classes and those who were not enrolled.


of courses completed by students enrolled in Academies.


in the number of class hours seen in students enrolled in Academies.

88.1% of users enrolled in Academias finish their classes, while only 62.4% of unregistered users finish them. And not only that, but the Academias students spent on average more time studying, almost 30% more than those who took individual courses.

Unlocked possibilities

Thanks to Amplitude, at Crehana they have been able to unlock retention analysis and product usage, being able to see the most relevant metrics for them in specialized graphs and explore possibilities and new development opportunities. They have a 360° vision of their product and this allowed them to have a data-driven approach that today helps the Product, Marketing and Education teams to direct their strategies with reliable and accurate data.

For example, through an event segmentation analysis, they also identify which Academies have the highest number of enrollees and determine which are the most popular. And this information is used by the Education team to review the demand for topics and create new academies and optimize their course catalog to promote enrollment.

“I would highlight the monitoring and accompaniment of Product Minds. They are very aware that we take advantage of Amplitude, and I think we still have a lot of juice to get out of this tool” –Andrea Cenzano Montera, Product Owner at Crehana.

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