How Farmatodo increased sales by up to 30% thanks to Amplitude's attribution models

Product: Amplitude Growth

Use Case: Attribution Sources

Industry: eCommerce

Region: Colombia and Venezuela

Farmatodo is the pioneering chain in the implementation and development of the concept of self-service pharmacies in Venezuela and Colombia, dedicated to the direct commercialization of medicines, personal care items, daily use items, beauty and groceries.


in digital channel sales


in projected incremental sales

The universe of Farmatodo all in one place

Farmatodo uses Amplitude as a neural center to answer all their business questions, ranging from tickets, user behavior, and how the personalization of their communications and cohorts work, to even store planometry of their stores and attribution sources.

"Amplitude is the brain of the company."
—Silvia Montejo, Global Digital Marketing Director of Farmatodo

In January 2022, Farmatodo made the decision to triple the marketing investment, with the goal of generating more sales. At that time, the sources of information were fragmented and they evaluated the results based on the data provided by platforms such as Facebook and Google, and although there they found that they were having triple the number of conversions, when they compared that data against the incremental sales, they did not they saw it reflected.

They couldn't rely on the data they had, and to keep increasing their marketing spend, they needed accurate attribution information that ultimately translated into sales.

Seeing the real picture

“With Amplitude we were able to track 100% of acquisition accounts, how they grow, and how they behave, which allowed us to make changes in how we managed our marketing spend.”
—Silvia Montejo, Global Digital Marketing Director of Farmatodo

By using Amplitude to analyze attribution they were able to see the real picture with clean data and found that they did grow 3X, but on installs and not on transactions or new orders, thanks to that they were able to change the strategy and migrate to the sources that were delivering real results.

After this discovery, they doubled the investment again, and have gradually increased it, but with an immediate return. Arranging this reactivated a budget that had been disabled because they couldn't trust the data.

Reliable data, more accurate decisions

With Amplitude's attribution models, they identified all the sources of acquisition and identified the transactions, tickets, and attributes of the UTMs in which they were investing in.

Amplitude allowed them to visualize customer attributes associated with sources like google, facebook, or criteo, and that allowed them to make better decisions to drive traffic and generate sales.

Thanks to these analyses, they grew in digital acquisitions, and it was precisely the order and unification of information that allowed them to grow. From the funnels of each attribution source, today they can see how sales are going in each source, what is the average ticket and how much each ticket grows.

With the information obtained from these analyses, they changed the mix of sources and optimized the investment, achieving a 30% increase in sales of digital channels, and surpassing their projected profit by 6%.

"The support of Product Minds was invaluable, they have always been supportive and have helped us a lot."
—Silvia Montejo, Global Digital Marketing Director of Farmatodo

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