How Gringo uses Amplitude as a nerve center for tech teams

Gringo has been working with Amplitude for 2 years, because they know that investing in the best martech stack drives your product and data results, all the analytical vision is on the platform.

"In my opinion, without Amplitude, we would be completely blind. It's impossible to have a B2C product without having a tool like this, especially given the way we work. Gringo wouldn't be the same without Amplitude." Gustavo Kaufmann, Group Product Manager at Gringo.

Gringo was born with the purpose of being the best friend of the Brazilian driver, supporting those qualified in all the bureaucratic journey necessary for those who have a vehicle. The friends, as they are known internally at the company, use the application to manage the purchase of automobiles and insurance, accident-related processes and monitoring of fines. With the company, you monitor the existence of debts, make payments and can pay them in installments. The car is the main item of the family in Brazil, it incurs some annual costs, Gringo came to simplify the driver's life.

Gustavo is one of Amplitude's heavy users, he manages 2 groups in the product area. The Core-Product team is responsible for the journeys related to vehicle debt, while the Product-growth team has great intersection with the Marketing team, aiming to leverage the product, engagement and retention.

In search of the best solutions

The search for an analytics platform started with an initiative by the company's CPO, he understands that investing in the best stack of tools increases productivity and boosts squad results. In this process, Gringo managed to ensure that its teams are able to have a product-oriented mindset.

The company had a period of great growth, today it can grow as much as necessary. The main goal of the product area is to increase the value for its users through new solutions and thus increase profitability. The company aims to be more present nationally and reach all states.

To achieve these results, Gustavo states:

"There were 2 changes in the product area, which were fundamental for our great growth. The first was the immersion of the GPM, with it, it was possible to clearly define the roles of Marketing and Product, in addition to understanding how they are connected. In addition, we are evolving much like Amplitude, decision making is completely based on reliable real-time data.

Amplitude is a platform that connects with more than 50 other technology tools, in this case, the connection is made with the entire Gringo stack: Adjust, Braze, Firebase and the A/B testing software.

Ensuring the use

In addition to the Product team, the Marketing team often uses Amplitude to segment users and understand the behavior of users who came from their campaigns.

"Anyone from Gringo can use Amplitude, today it is mostly used in the Product area, but it is available to everyone. It is simple to understand the events and generate a business analysis, without any technical knowledge."

The tool is mainly used to analyze user behavior in real time.

"All of our analytics go through Amplitude. We use retention graphs, engagement and feature analysis a lot. Our monetization events don't happen very often, so the analysis provide answers on how to keep the user engaged."

Despite being an intuitive tool, it has its peculiarities. Product Minds was important to help understand this language and use the tool in the best way. Today all PM's use the tool and usually maintain control panels with available Dashboards and Notebooks.

"Due to Amplitude's ease of use, today we no longer require technical competence when hiring a person for a product area. The most important thing is knowing how to ask good questions, Amplitude will provide the answers. It is no longer necessary to learn to speak another language, we can democratize access to data"

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